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Hank's Haute Dogs is a great place to chow down on an American staple done with a twist. Pick a classic or get haute. Hank's Dogs taste great on their own, but pair them with sides like Hank's Awesome French Fries and you'll be in Haute Dog Heaven.
Note: Sorry, some specials may not be available.
  • Genuine Chicago Vienna all-beef dog with the natural casing snap! Classic 7 toppings.
  • All beef natural casing hot dog, Dusseldorf mustard, relish onion, pickle.
  • Another Chicago classic, grilled, bolder garlic flavor, brown mustard, grilled onions.
  • Hank's Frank with our homemade chili, onion, cheddar cheese.
  • Pork-beef German style white sausage, Dusseldorf mustard, sauerkraut.
  • Portuguese sausage with mango mustard, pineapple relish.
  • Bold Mexican style pork sausage, brown mustard, grilled onion, cilantro.
  • Grilled spicy pork sausage, Cajun mustard, grilled onions.
  • Grilled Chicken Sausage, sweet mango relish, lime mustard.
  • Avocado, tomato, onion, pickle, cilantro, spicy chipotle mayo, cheddar cheese.
  • Bacon wrapped all-beef dog deep fried, tomato, lettuce, mayo.
    Char-grilled seasoned beef patty, onion, lettuce, tomato, Hank sauce.
    House-made blend of lobster, shrimp and fish sausage seared in butter, garlic-relish aioli, takuan, lettuce, tomato.
    Bacon wrapped Lobster Dog, deep fried, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato.
    Feral pig sausage, cran-apple relish, black pepper-thyme Dijon, lettuce.
    Grilled rabbit and pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onion, Dijon Truffle Cheese sauce.
    Lean beefy blend, Guinness mustard, pineapple relish, caraway sauerkraut.
    Grilled lamb sausage, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion.
    Bratwurst, truffle mustard-mayo, sauteed herb mushrooms, melted Swiss cheese.
    Premium wagyu beef, hoisin-ginger glaze, sesame slaw, pickled daikon-carrot, furikake.
  • Premium skin-on french cut fries.
  • Fresh cut Castle Rock potatoes, double fried crispy!
  • Natural cut fries with truffle cheese sauce.
  • Sweet onions dipped in crispy Panko batter.
  • Penne pasta with white truffle cheese cream sauce.
  • French burnt caramel vanilla custard.
  • Wasabi Creme
    Garlic Aioli
    Furikake Ranch
    Curry Ketchup
    Chipotle Mayo
  • Hibiscus Lemonade
    Pineapple Ice
    Lilikoi-Lime Soda
  • Hank's T-Shirt
    Purchase a Hank's Haute Dogs shirt and add some hauteness to your closet!
  • Hank's Gift Card
    What better way than to give the gift of Hank's on any occasion!